Together at last!

by crownover

Well it’s about time I guess. You can’t hide from technology forever, at least that is what they tell me. I guess I’m just old fashioned but I miss the days of a strong handshake instead of the newest iPhone. There was a day when if you asked someone, “What was the last thing you’ve read?” they would talk about a book or a newspaper (though I am not a fan of newspapers), but now the only thing people seem to be reading are texts or blogs. So here I am, joining the mainstream hoping I don’t get lost in this new frontier. But enough of my ranting a raving I am glad you are here and I sincerely hope that as I begin to learn how to blog properly and consistently, you will be enlightened as a reader and encouraged to grab life by the horns. Live each day with purpose! Don’t let life happen to you; you happen to life. This blog will be about whatever crosses my heart and mind. I make no promises to post every day about every little thing that happens in my life or that each post will be about the same topic. But I will do my best to make each post meaningful and edifying to it’s fullest extent. Or at least funny. (even if I have to quote someone else)
So hold on and enjoy the ride. Scream if you have to, cheer when you get to but always, always have fun and attack life.