An Idea is Born…

I was thinking today that it has been quite awhile sence I last wrote anything. I know that I haven’t posted to this blog in some time but I also haven’t been writing period. I think that I can honestly say that I have a burning desire to write something and that it would be meaningful, but where do I start. That’s when the idea came to me. I need your help. I believe that all great projects are done in teams, so why not writing? I have an idea and you have great input and together we can create anything. Today I will start writing my next story. It may end up a short story or a full length novel, I don’t know but I know this that what we write together will be amazing. So I invite you to join me on this journey and please give your input. I want to know what you think and where you think that this project should go. Together we can write something great and tomorrow the world will read it. So lets start. Should this be a fiction or factual piece? Please leave your idea and we’ll go from there. Also if we choose an idea that wasn’t yours please don’t stop helping us, we need your input and I would personally like to invite everyone to come along with us for the long haul. Thank you all and now let’s get writing.


Been a while

Well it’s been a while since my last post. I’ve been busy with all the holiday pomp and circumstance that I’m sure you are all familiar with. But I’m back and ready to start pressing forward. I’ve been doing ok in my class work at college and looking forward to graduating this year, but I find myself constantly thinking about two other things right now. First is my writing which seems lacking at this time and secondly smithing which I’ve always been interested in. I shave with a straight razor and I came across a video on YouTube the other day that showed a man forging a straight razor. I was interested and followed a link to his blog and his work, or art I should call it, was amazing. While looking through his gallery’s I was reminded of my own desires to learn about this trade. So I think in the not to distant future I will be contacting a friend of mine who knows about smithing to ask for some counsel. But in the mean time I need to finish school and when I have the time continue working on my next book. I love writing and I know that I must not lose my desire to write. Apathy is an easy drug that only holds one down. This I know all too well, but I have learned how to throw off the chains of mediocrity and put my hands to the plow of hard work. One day at a time lived to the fullest one is capable of is all I can ask of myself. So I’m off to work hard, to finish strong, and to win.

The Night Visitor

A few weeks ago I had the privilege of publishing a  small piece of fiction. Its title is Eye of the Storm, and it can be purchased in most major e-book stores. What I have found though is that what began as a project of sorts to just “do it” has rooted itself in my very being and I can’t stop thinking about writing. I confess that Eye of the Storm is not even very well written. I was reading it to myself the other day and I found errors that honestly need to be revised and corrected. But I think it even more strange that truly I want nothing more to do with this work and I want to move on to something new. I have been thinking non stop about my next project. It almost pains me to say this but I really think that it has begun to interfere with other things that I should be doing. Constantly I find that as I go throughout my day, I will catch myself thinking about ideas for something that I might want to write. Then I’ll go to my computer each night for my “free writing” session and find that the topic is too narrow or needs to be better thought out. I guess that my writing base is expanding and I need to be patient with the process but I am desperate to write my next project. Even this blog I find is nothing more than an outlet to put something down. I was walking through a bookstore last night and found myself relating to the quotes on paperweights that they were selling about writing. I wonder how long those quotes seemed neat before and now they seem almost like the ground rushing up toward me if I were to jump off some building in my mind. There almost concrete absoluteness is scary in a way. I am starving for words. I can’t stop reading and I only want to expand my own vocabulary so that I can speak again. New words that are fresh and exciting to read are trying to find a way of escape from my mind. I cannot hold them in but I need to learn how to release them in a more organised manner. Words that fly away into the sunrise may look pretty as they rise into the light but if they are not properly organised, (much like this post I am afraid) then they are a cacophony of noise and nothing to be enriched by. So I watch them rise and let them go while not calling others to their attention. Soon though I think and not very far off there should be another. One more child as it were to be formed and raised to maturity and released into a world that needs it. Soon to take its place at the table and offer itself up for judgement and opinion. I am excited about my future as a writer and look forward to learning and becoming  a better individual because of it. I must be off now. Good luck to all and remember to never stop at whatever God has given you to do.

Together at last!

Well it’s about time I guess. You can’t hide from technology forever, at least that is what they tell me. I guess I’m just old fashioned but I miss the days of a strong handshake instead of the newest iPhone. There was a day when if you asked someone, “What was the last thing you’ve read?” they would talk about a book or a newspaper (though I am not a fan of newspapers), but now the only thing people seem to be reading are texts or blogs. So here I am, joining the mainstream hoping I don’t get lost in this new frontier. But enough of my ranting a raving I am glad you are here and I sincerely hope that as I begin to learn how to blog properly and consistently, you will be enlightened as a reader and encouraged to grab life by the horns. Live each day with purpose! Don’t let life happen to you; you happen to life. This blog will be about whatever crosses my heart and mind. I make no promises to post every day about every little thing that happens in my life or that each post will be about the same topic. But I will do my best to make each post meaningful and edifying to it’s fullest extent. Or at least funny. (even if I have to quote someone else)
So hold on and enjoy the ride. Scream if you have to, cheer when you get to but always, always have fun and attack life.